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Theft date: 13 Sep 2015
Postcode area: YO60

Heating Oil Theft Alerts

Our heating oil theft alerts are designed to help reduce the number of oil thefts, by alerting registered oil users when a heating oil theft occurs in their postcode area.

As homes that run on heating oil tend to be grouped in the same area, thieves often target a number of houses over a short period of time. By letting our members know that there are thieves nearby, we can help to raise awareness of the crime and let oil users know when to look out for any suspicious activity, and, if necessary, when take extra precautions to protect their oil supply.  

How Do Heating Oil Theft Alerts Work?

Every time a heating oil theft is reported through our website, we send out an email bulletin to registered heating oil users in that area. These alerts are sent within 48 hours of the theft being reported and include a brief description of the crime, as well as details of the area that was targeted.

Our theft alert emails are 100% free.

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